A partition is a separate part of a hard drive or storage device that acts as its own separate entity. People can use partitions to do specific work and contain it in one area. Then they don’t have to look through their storage device to find the work they need; it’s there in the partition. These partitions can actually act as their own individual hard drives by filing systems. This makes storage very simple, but it makes it so partitions can be susceptible to data loss and crashing. 

Some data recovery softwares, luckily, can recover partition files. Though not all softwares can recover partitions, a lot of them can. Choosing the right one that fits each individual’s recovery needs will help people can their files back safely and quickly. These are six of the best data recovery softwares that have partition recovery. Included are their partition recovery features, their speed, the user-friendliness of each application, and advantages/ disadvantages to each software. 

Software PriceLink to DownloadRanking
Disk DrillStandard- $89

Enterprise- $499

Disk Drill1
Stellar Data Recovery $79.99 One Year License 

$99.99 Lifetime License 

Stellar Data Recovery2
Minitool Wizard  Partition Recovery $59 Minitool Wizard Partition Recovery 3
DiskInternals Partition Recovery Personal- $139.35

Business- $219.95

Partition Recovery 4
Orion File Recovery Software $17- Non Commercial Use 

$20 Commercial Use 

Orion File Recovery Software5
Partition Find and Mount FreePartition File and Mount 6

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a powerful recovery application that can revive an assortment of files. The program can restore files, documents, photos, audios and videos. Additionally, Disk Drill is really good at recovering partition files that get lost in hard drives and other places. Disk Drill has been around for 11 years, so it’s been perfected to really find all of those hidden files that refuse to be found. The application stands out above the rest because it has extra features, too. The program has Disk Health, Mac Cleanup, Duplicate finder, and many other assets. Customers will not be disappointed with this application.

Disk Drill

Partition Recovery: Disk Drill is a good product for partition recovery because it can recover many file formats. The program also sets up disk and partition backups. What’s really great about Disk Drill is that it can read a device even when it’s missing a partition. The program can recover partitions that date back days, months, and even years. With the program, customers can use its universal partition search to find lose lousy, lose partition files. They can also scan for lost HFS+ partitions. This is the best application to use for lost partition searches. 

Pros Cons
  • Supported by Windows and Mac 
  • User-friendly 
  • File preview is included 
  • Recovers data from different file systems 
  • File condition, nor partition file condition, is included in the file preview 

Conclusion: Disk Drill is one of the best applications because it can do a lot with partition recovery. The program is fast and efficient, plus it’s very safe to use. Overall, there’s no better partition recovery software than Disk Drill 

Final Thoughts: There are many other partition recovery programs included in this article.  Each of them are good, but they don’t have as efficient of features as Disk Drill. The program is affordable and comprehensive. 

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is a software by the company Stellar. The program can recover files that have been put in the trash, in recycling bins, and it gets data from RAW hard drives. 

With Stellar Data Recovery, users can protect their files against virus attacks, unexpected system shut downs, and data loss scenarios. The program can recover files on USB drives, SSDs, and hard drives. The program also includes SMART drive monitoring and cloning. This is a really great program that has a free version available as well.

Stellar Data Recovery

Partition Recovery: The Stellar Data Recovery application has updated its features. The program now includes an extensive partition search where customers can look for partition files. With this feature, partitions can be recovered thoroughly from computers and their hard drives. Stellar Data also provides users with the option to create an image ( a volume) for partition recovery. The Stellar Data Recovery app can recover partitions from any Windows storage drive, and Mac storage drives, too. 

Pros Cons
  • Creates virtual raids 
  • Can create hard drive images 
  • Can recover missing RAID logical volumes 
  • Capable of recovering 100% of the data from a lost file or external drive 
  • Preview doesn’t always work 
  • Free version only includes scan and no recovery options 

Conclusion: Stellar Data Recovery is in a league of its own. With each update, the application continues to receive new and incredible features. Users can recover all sorts of partitions files on this program, and they can create their own image volumes. There are so many recovery options with this software. 

Bottom Line: Stellar Data Recovery is a program that thrives. The app has limitless features that would make any customer happy. Though this application is not as strong as Disk Drill, it is still highly recommended.

Minitool Wizard Partition Recovery

The Minitool Wizard Partition Recovery is actually a program that specializes in partition files. So long as a new partition has not been created, the Minitool Wizard Partition Recovery application can get in the device, scan for lost files, and save the day. The program specifically helps with hard disk partitions that have been lost due to: virus attacks, accidental deletion, power outages, incorrect partitioning, and others. The program can fix the lost partition problem quickly, and it does it really easily, too. The program has a very simple, understandable interface that is yet another great aspect of this program.

Minitool Wizard Partition Recovery

Partition Recovery: Using the partition recovery feature on this application is user. First, users should launch the Minitool Wizard Partition Recovery software. Then, they should click the “partition recovery” option from the pop up window. Next, they should choose a scanning range and where they want to scan from. Then they should choose a scanning method. Finally, customers can look at the partitions that have been scanned and choose which ones to recover. This is how partition recovery works on Minitool Wizard Partition Recovery. If customers don’t check all the existing partitions, the application will warn the user to double check; this is a great feature. 

Pros Cons
  • Changes are sent to a waitlist that that will recover when ready 
  • Supports many partitioning options 
  • Checks file system errors 
  • Not very easy to use. It makes users ‘apply’ the changes they’ve made after each scan 
  • No support for dynamic disks 

Conclusion: The Minitool Wizard Partition Recovery application is underrated, but it works well. It specifically helps with partition files and can recover all kinds of them. This is a really good app for people who really do need help recovering their partition files. 

Bottom Line: The Minitool Wizard Partition Recovery application works. However, it costs $59 for limited features. Applications like Disk Drill have the same partition recover feature and more, so customers would benefit more from that one. 

DiskInternals Partition Recovery

DiskInternals Partition Recovery is an advanced partition recovery software. The application can recover files that have been lost due to: accidental deletion, virus damage, losses due to power surges and more. The program can recover many file systems, like: FAT, ReFS, UFS, HFS, NTFS, and others. DiskInternals Partition Recovery also has fast scanning and full scanning. The application includes tips for recovering deleted partitions, too. The most important advice it says is to “not create, add, delete, or copy the partition in the same drive where the data was deleted.”

DiskInternals Partition Recovery

Partition Recovery: DiskInternals partition recovery will give customers the solution to recover their partition files. They can discover partition files on HDDs, SSD, flash drives, memory cards, IDEs, SATA disks, and others. The DiskInternals program also lets its users preview all of their partition files. The application has a quick scan mode and a deep scan mode. The program can save all of that lost data. 

Pros Cons 
  • The partition recovery is simple 
  • File preview of scanned files 
  • Data extraction is available for external drives 
  • Can’t restore severely damaged files 
  • Expensive 

Conclusion: The DiskInternals Partition Recovery works well, but it’s over $100. It has a lot of great features but it really isn’t worth the price. The other recovery applications in this article are much better. 

Bottom Line: DiskInternals Partition Recovery is a reliable, user-friendly application. However, it is really not worth all the money. It specializes in partition recovery, but it really doesn’t make up for its hefty price.

Orion File Recovery Software

The Orion File Recovery Software is an application by NCH Software. With this program, customers can recover their deleted files, photos, and audio. The program can scan hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, and more. The program supports FAT and NTFS file systems. This application works for Windows 7+. This recovery software can permanently erase files to increase the security of the program. There is a free application of this program available, and a regular professional program available. Customers can test up the program before actually committing to it.

Orion File Recovery Software

Partition File Recovery: The way the Orion File Recovery Software works is through a lot of unique features. The Wizard guide on this program searches for files and missing partition files and quickly recovers them. With the deep scan mode, the program is able to find even more missing files and restore them for the customer. This file recovery software basically uses its features to look for all kinds of files, and it finds partition files in the process. 

Pros Cons
  • Affordable 
  • Has a permanent data scrubber tool 
  • Has a nice, clean grid format 
  • Quick scan and deep scan are both slow 
  • No preview 

Conclusion: For affordable options, Orion File Recovery Software is not half bad. It can recover all sorts of files and a mediocre pace. The major problem with Orion File Recovery is that it doesn’t have an advanced partition search, nor does it have file preview. The program is good for those on a budget, but there are many better file recovery applications that exist. 

Bottom Line: Spend a little more on a partition file recovery system and get something that will work well. It’s tempting to buy this application because it’s less than $20, however, it will only cost money in the long run. It won’t be capable of doing all the things that need to be done, so customers will end up getting another application anyway. 

Partition Find and Mount

Partition File and Mount is actually a free partition file recovery application. The system is simple; it works to recover partitions by locating them, and mounting partitions in the system. This way, those partitions will be available to the customer. The Partition Find and Mount software is easy to use, as well as safe. This program exceeds expectations, especially for a free application. What’s really impressive about this application is that it’s fast, too.

Partition Find and Mount

Partition Recovery: This program has the most in-depth information and help regarding partition recovery. The program includes three types of partition searches, supports non-standard disk layouts, and creates and mounts images. Plus, the program still works if a Boot record is missing or damaged. Though this program is very good, there are limitations, too. The application can only recover files in simple situations. If a hard drive or storage system is crashed or damaged, the application will not be able to recover those files. 

  • Free 
  • Has three partition search modes 
  • Supported NTFS and FAT systems 
  • Not very modern
  • Has problems recovering large files, and can’t recover those that have been damaged 

Conclusion: Free is free. Though this is the worst-performing application, the fact that it costs nothing is astounding. People looking to learn about partition recovery but don’t want to pay for it yet should use Partition Find and Mount. 

Bottom Line: There’s nothing to lose by getting Partition Find and Mount. Regardless, don’t rely on this application for file recovery needs. Get on the better rated programs like Disk Drill or Data Rescue.

Final Conclusion

Partition file recovery is a very specific type of recovery. Customers should choose the program that best represents what they need at the cheapest price. They should use an application that is user-friendly, fast, and have advanced partition recovery search. They should use a program that will guide them through the partition recovery process. That program is Disk Drill. 

Disk Drill has the best features for partition file recovery, and for file recovery in general. The program is competent and straight-forward. Anyone who buys this product will be able to learn how to use it right after downloading it. The interface is very user friendly. 

Overall, this article included a lot of great partition recovery applications. The one that stood out the most, though, was Disk Drill. That’s the best app for partition recovery.

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