Anyone with a Mac computer (or any computer for that matter) knows how stressful it is to lose an application or important data. There are lots of apps for recovery data that can be of help. Recovery softwares like Disk Drill and Data Rescue. These are the ultimate tools to use for partition data recovery. They specialize in this type of data recovery, especially Disk Drill. 

When it comes to partition recovery, Disk Drill and Data Rescue are the recovery apps to use. Below is a table outlining more information about each of them. 

Software Price Software Owner Latest Update Where to Download 
Disk DrillBasic- Free



CleverfilesDisk Drill 4.0Disk Drill 
Data Rescue Standard – Only pay for the files being recovered 


Prosoft EngineeringData Rescue 6 Data Rescue 

What is Partition Recovery

Before deciding whether partition recovery is the feature necessary, one should know exactly what it is and what it entails. Partition recovery recovers aspects of hard drives that have been lost. When someone creates a partition on a hard drive, flash drive, or usb, they are separated from that file or data so they can easily access it later. When it’s separated, the possibility of it becoming lost occurs. The partition recovery brings back those files that may have been lost or separated from the others. Instead of scanning the entire computer, the hard drive that has the lost file can be selected and the missing partition file will be found. 

Applications that specialize in partition recovery are great for people looking for something specific that they lost. Oftentimes people retrieve a data recovery program to find data they didn’t know was missing. If there’s a certain email or essay missing on a computer, using a program with great partition recovery is the way to go.

How Partition Recovery Works

Recovering files with a data recovery software is easy. Each software follows the same basic steps to recover this missing data and return the files each customer has been missing. It’s a very simple process that anyone can follow.

  1. Choose the location in which the program or file is missing. The software will include options for it to find missing files and recovery partitions. 
  2. Select whether the computer should go through a deep scan or quick scan. This doesn’t have to be a big choice because the scan not selected can be used later. For example, if it needs to be done fast, a quick scan would be best to start with.
  3. After the files have been scanned, choose the files that need to be recovered. Then select “recover now” or “start.”

This is how the data recovery works. The software will search the computer for files that need to be recovered and present them to the customer. It’s easy enough and great for tech newbies who don’t usually know how to work applications like these. When using a partition recovery system, follow the steps on the application and there should be no problems.

Disk Drill And What it Has to Offer

Disk Drill is one of the leading data recovery softwares, and the best one to use for data partition recovery. Disk Drill is a software under Cleverfiles that has undergone four updates. The software program has features that other data recovery applications, and it has features that are unique to itself. This is the chosen application for partition recovery because it is thorough and fast. The Disk Drill program commenced for its fast speeds. There is also no limit to how much recovery the application can do, which is great for people who have a lot of missing files. 

Disk Drill comes in three different basic, pro, and technician. With the basic program, customers can do a free scan of their computer and preview their missing files. This is great for those missing partitions because they can see if Disk Drill can do the job for them without spending money.

Disk Drill

Pro is a more advanced version that costs $89 a year. This version allows for one user and three activations. It also includes unlimited recovery and file recovery for all systems and storage spaces. This is the most commonly bought version of Disk Drill, and the most affordable it being free. 

The Enterprise version is a version that supports 10 users and has an unlimited number of activations. This program has support for the whole company, and should definitely be used in a business setting. 

  • User Friendly 
  • Quick and Efficient Scans 
  • Quick Scans and Deep Scans 
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows 
  • The free version only does a preview. It doesn’t include any free recovery.
  • The file condition is not shown before recovery 

Why it’s Great for Partition Recovery: 

As mentioned earlier, Disk Drill is fast and efficient. It can find missing files within minutes. It has options for thorough deep scans or quick, simple scans. There are many different possibilities with Disk Drill. It can find lost partitions from Macs and PCs and in a large number of other devices. Disk Drill can find lost partitions, in HDD and SSD systems, in cameras, phones, SD cards, and on USB drives. When the file is recovered, customers can then place that file wherever they want; they can put it back on an SD card or they can place it somewhere else. 

More great work Disk Drill does with partitions comes in the form of files. It can save lost partitions that come in the form of: music, archives, video, images, documents, and more. There is no limit to the data that can be saved by Disk Drill. 

Finally, Disk Drill offers every kind of partition recovery. It can save PC partitions, primary partitions, logical partitions–partitions that have been separated from their host– extended partitions, and others. 

Conclusion: Most all data recovery softwares include some sort of partition recovery software. These softwares are great, but they don’t compare to Disk Drill. Disk Drill doesn’t just recover partitions. The application goes above and beyond to find those pesky missing documents that were lost minutes or months ago. Not only is the software fast, in addition to this, it has every partition recovery feature one could imagine. 

Bottom Line: Though Disk Drill has its faults, there is no better data recovery software to use for partition recovery. The product is both reliable and well recommended. It’s one of those products that has no limitations to it. Disk Drill is the ultimate partition recovery, and data recovery, product to use for all customers. 

These are some more details on Disk Drill’s partition files from Cleverfiles.

Data Rescue and What it Has to Offer

Data Rescue is one of Pro Soft’s many applications that help computers thrive. The product is quite special when it comes to partition recovery because it’s easy to use, but also because there is no set price to how much Data Rescue is. Of course, the professional, annual version of Data Rescue is $99, but anything else could be as low as $19. The application lets its customers pay for the specific files they want to recover. Because of this, someone looking to retrieve a file one time could benefit from using Data Rescue’s service. 

The system finds all the missing files on a computer for free. Once they’re found, customers can choose to recover them if they want. This includes a free demo scan that will help the computer find those files, and it will help customers see the files that Data Rescue could potentially return to them.

Data Rescue

Data Rescue has an assortment of features that makes it special compared to other softwares that has partition recovery. This recovery system has a clone feature. That essentially means if a hard drive is crashing it can be cloned so no files go missing. This is a preemptive strategy that saves files before there is an issue. If the system does crash, it’s not an issue because they can still retrieve those files. 

  • Supports many types of files 
  • Includes advanced search for finding files by name 
  • File preview feature 
  • Emails updates about the scan directly to the customer
  • The recovery speed is slow 
  • There is no pause function for the scan 

Why it’s Great for Partition Recovery:  

This product is great for partition recovery because of all its unique features. For instance, Data Rescue has a recovery drive that can reboot internal drives that are failing. Partition files that may have been lost are stopped because the recovery system saves them. The system is also compatible with Windows and Mac, so no matter where a file is lost, the program can save it. And it has a partition deep scan mode that will look at the nook and cranny of a device to find the missing docs. 

The software performs very well and is easy to use. Customers don’t seem to have an issue with figuring out how to use Data Rescue. The site itself has a tutorial for using the recovery app. This product can recover files from many devices, including: SD Cards, CF Cards, Mac and Windows laptops and devices, Hard Disk Drives, External Drives, and more. It’s a multi-faceted tool for anyone and their device(s). 

Conclusion: Data Rescue is special because it has features that aren’t similar to other apps. It has the Clone feature, it creates its own recovery drives, it has quick and deep scan, and it recovers files in a way unique to the application. It may not be as intricate and reliable as Disk Drill, but it carries its weight when it comes to data recovery and partition data recovery. 

Bottom Line: Data Rescue is an application that is underrated, yet very helpful. Data Rescue can truly transform user experience and find any missing piece of information. Plus, Data Rescue is very customer friendly. Their interface is easy to navigate, and if customers have problems, they can check out the site for helpful tips on using the program. And of course, Data Rescue is best suited for customers because they can pay to recover individual files. There are few data software programs that actually do this; that’s why Data Rescue is special and the number two best partition recovery data software. 

Data Rescue is very helpful and has more tips and helpful information about partition data recovery on their blog.

The Final Conclusion

Partition recovery is a major part of data recovery. When considering a program, customers should always factor in how well they are with partition recovery. The two best programs for partition recovery, as found in this article, are Disk Drill and Data Rescue. 

Disk Drill is the best because it’s efficient, reliable, fast, and always helpful. The program is set up to be very user-friendly. Seldom does the product fail or have any issues. It’s helpful all the time and great for individuals as well as businesses. The product is perfect for people who need any form of data recovery. It’s an added bonus that the software does so well with partition recovery. 

The other application, Data Rescue, is great because it lets people by their recovered files individually. They don’t have to break a sweat or the bank paying for a large program. This is beneficial to those who lost one measly file and don’t want to break $80 to buy an application.  Additionally, Data Rescue has cool features like cloning and creating its own recovery drive that other programs don’t have. This makes it unique in the data recovery world. 

Both of these programs are unlike any other. Both of them strive to appease customers and give them the best experience. There is no product that truly compares to Disk Drive and Data Rescue when it comes to partition recovery. These are the best that the world of Mac applications has to offer.

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